About Us

Johnson Scientific Equipment Co was established in 1969 under the direction of Mr Johnson Teo.

From then till the late 1970s, JSEC supplied laboratory equipment and chemicals to schools and industries in Singapore, East and West Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

Beginning of the 1980s, JSEC expanded its product line to include filtration media, gas detection systems and bacteria testing material. Distribution channels were intensified and JSEC started supplying products to various industries such as, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, semi-con, marine, manufacturing, research and environmental. Our global also grew to include Phillipines, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand etc. In 2000, we further expanded our product line to include weather measuring instruments for logistic and warehousing and environment monitoring.

In 2008, Johnson Scientific Sdn Bhd was established in Johor, Malaysia and in 2009, PT Janine Scientific was set up in Jakarta, Indonesia. As logistic and distribution centres, both provided us with an opportunity to better serve our overseas customers in East and West Malaysia and Indonesia respectively.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our principals, customers, business associates for their support throughout all these years. We will continue to strive for excellence in our products and services.

"If You like Our Service, Tell Your Friends... If Not, Tell Us."