KlimaLogg Pro Professional Thermohygrometer with Data Logger (30.3039.IT)
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- For the control of temperature (precision ± 1°C) and humidity (precision ±3% from 35...75%)
- Extendable with up to 8 transmitters
- Indication of dew point
- Max.-min.-function with time and date of recording
- Alarm at freely adjustable temperature and humidity values (upper/lower limit)
- Alarm event function
- Data logger with up to 50,000 measured values that are recallable via display or PC USB interface
- Switching output
- Radio-controlled clock with seconds, date, time zone ±12 hrs.
- Optional Transmitter (not included):
> Temperature and Humidity - Kat.Nr. 30.3180.IT
> Range: T: -40...+60°C (-40...+140°F), H: 1...99%
> Temperature with ca. 2 meter cable - Kat.Nr. 30.3181.IT
> Range: T: -40...+60°C (-40...+140°F)

Product KlimaLogg Pro Professional Thermohygrometer with Data Logger (30.3039.IT)
Model 30.3039.IT
Type Wall Mounting/Table Standing
Dimension 98 x 25 (77) x 137 mm
Weight 147 g
Accessory USB-Transceiver, PC-Software free to download and 3x 1.5V AA batteries included.
Range T in: 0...+50°C (+32...+122°F), H: 1...99%